Sixteen Pearls Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing support to individuals and organizations that strengthens communities in Northwest Indiana and globally by advancing and promoting healthy lifestyles, educational advancement, economic empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

Community Impact

Sixteen Pearls Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization whose charitable purpose is to assist residents and organizations in Northwest Indiana with education-based scholarships, community grants and special initiative programs.


Sixteen Pearls Foundation, Inc. (SPF) was envisioned by Lori Benford-Bryant who solicited the expertise of Raenita Thompson assisted by Ashley Eaves to establish 501(c)(3) status. The Foundation was exclusively created to receive and administer funds for charitable and educational purposes. Our fundraising efforts are vital to our mission of awarding scholarships and providing dedicated and committed service to Northwest Indiana.


Initial Board Members: Lori Benford-Bryant, Penny Cochran, Quanda M. Davis, Ashley Eaves, Ida Gillis, Joyce Price, Karyn Price, Dorothy Hardy, Raenita Thompson

Current Board of Directors:

Director Lori Benford-Bryant, President
Director Risë Ratney, Vice-President
Director Rochelle Moody, Secretary
Director Dorothy Hardy, Asst Secretary and Scholarship Chair
Director Raenita Thompson, Treasurer
Director Karyn Price, Financial Secretary
Director Penny Cochran, Fundraising Chair
Director Quanda M. Davis
Director Shelomi Tennionne-Hoff

Some of the Programs of Service and Events we fund:

• Educational Advancement
• Scholarships
• Health & Wellness
• Economic Empowerment
• Social Enhancement

Scholarships are available to NW Indiana graduating seniors. Inquires may be sent to sixteenpearlsfoundation@gmail.com


Ways to Give

Sixteen Pearls Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing scholarships and service programs that enhance the social, economic, and educational well-being of our community. We are able to accomplish this because of the generosity of our supporters. SPF graciously accepts contributions from individuals, corporate sponsors, and other community and philanthropic organizations. Contributions may include but not limited to: sponsorships, general donations, bequests, goods and services, and employer matches.

You may:
1. Become an Event Sponsor
2. Send a Tax-Deductible Donation and/or contact us at:
Sixteen Pearls Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 11701
Merrillville, IN 46411
Email: Sixteenpearlsfoundation@gmail.com

We sincerely appreciate any amount you wish to give!
Please make your checks payable to: Sixteen Pearls Foundation, Inc.

3. Submit donations via Zelle or PayPal to: Sixteenpearlsfoundation@gmail.com